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Chinese business Executives turn to the web for potential partners.

Since China has more internet users (298 million) than the U.S. has residents, it should be no surprise that Chinese business executives turn to the web first.

When it comes to proactively looking for business partners and suppliers, almost half of all Chinese businesses rate Websites as the most preferred method, followed by Conferences or Trade Fairs.

These results show that nearly 1 out of every 2 Chinese business executives turn first to the Internet for learning about new partners, vendors and business suppliers. Although in-person events rate high, Executives clearly prefer online methods of information gathering.

Can Chinese business executives find you on the web? (Not if you’re only in English!)

In China as in the rest of the world, the internet is the core of any integrated, cross-media marketing, sales or promotional campaign. Search engines (including both organic and paid search results) are the preferred method of finding partners like you, followed by a read through industry publications.

It should be no surprise then that when Chinese executives want to either find you, or learn more about you and your firm, that they turn to the Web.

Questions for your organization to ask:

  • Does your organization have a Chinese version of your website?
  • Are your key marketing materials (corporate and product overviews, for example) downloadable in Chinese?
  • Do you have access to a reliable list of contacts – including phone numbers – of potential customers or partners?

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