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Interested in marketing to Chinese businesses? Start with an email.

Email is the best method for initially contacting Chinese business executives.

In a recent China Prime research report, nearly 1 in 2 Chinese business executives surveyed (44.9 percent) rate email to be the best way of initial contact. The next highest reported method of preferred initial contact is by telephone (27.7 percent), comprising under one-third of respondents.

As there are literally millions of businesses in China finding the right partners, customers or contacts can be daunting. Email is clearly the best – most preferred, most targeted and most cost effective – way to get in front of those you’re trying to reach.

Picking up the phone and calling is second-best; and don’t bother with direct mail to reach businesses.

Nearly one-half of the Chinese businesses surveyed (44.9 percent) report that email is the best way for interested parties to make initial contact. The next highest reported method is by telephone (27.7 percent), comprising less than one-third of the results.

Traditional in-person methods of initial contact including In-Person Visits (15.3 percent) and Conference or Exhibitions (6 percent), were rated much lower, followed closely by Mail (5.7 percent).

B2B companies are more likely (46.4 percent) to prefer email as the initial contact method than companies with a B2C focus (37.3 percent). Companies with a Government focus followed closely behind B2Bs, with 44.7 percent preferring email over all other methods.

By title, CEOs and Presidents are slightly more likely (59.8 percent) than others to prefer initial contact by email, followed by Vice Presidents (45.6 percent), Managers (44.1 percent) and Legal Representatives (42.9 percent).

Questions for your organization to consider:

  • Do you currently market your business by email?
  • Do you understand your market? (Email is a good method for conducting research, as well)
  • Do you have access to current data lists for Chinese businesses?

For those with a business strategy that includes marketing to Chinese businesses, get access to current data lists for Chinese businesses, and simply begin with an email.

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