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Product quality and brand strength wins business in the Chinese market

Can you prove product quality and superiority? Price aside, product quality is by far the most important thing Chinese businesses look for in potential business partners – nearly 4:1 more important than the next most important quality (which happens to … Continue reading

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Interested in marketing to Chinese businesses? Start with an email.

Email is the best method for initially contacting Chinese business executives. In a recent China Prime research report, nearly 1 in 2 Chinese business executives surveyed (44.9 percent) rate email to be the best way of initial contact. The next … Continue reading

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Growth within China most important success factor for Chinese business

How can you help Chinese business compete and grow at home, and abroad? In China Prime’s second quarter 2009 survey of Chinese business executives, about 60 percent of respondents rate expansion within China and access to Chinese business partners as … Continue reading

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