China Prime

The China Prime Logo
Simply a logo in the West, the China Prime logo is packed with meaning in the East. A single character formed by two Chinese characters representing water, fortune, and benefits, the new character - as well as China Prime - represents "an overflowing of benefits."

The Leader in Chinese Business Market Data

China Prime, a China market research, intelligence and strategic consulting firm, is the leading developer and manager of comprehensive Chinese business market data for Western marketers.

For companies interested in doing business in China, our services range from strategic consulting and China market research to list sales and special projects such as consumer and business data mining, segmentation studies, integrated marketing programs and more.

Our data-driven, analytical model is powered by The China List, our proprietary 10 million+ record - and growing - Chinese industry and business database, which allows us to quickly assess opinion, mine for opportunities, or target potential partners and customers.

At China Prime, we know that information means nothing if you're not prepared to act on it. That's why, along with our massive and unique database, we offer China marketing strategies, research and consulting services that help our clients make information actionable and turn knowledge into true competitive advantage.

With the information, expertise and experience global businesses need to reap the rewards of intelligent entry into the Chinese business market, China Prime helps turn information into insight, ideas into action and opportunity into reality.