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China today exports in a single day more than it exported in all of 1978.

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Email is a Great Way to Easily Test the China Waters
"In large part because traditional lists have been so difficult to create, email marketing in China is booming, regarded by many as the most advanced direct marketing tool in China today," says Allan Euphrat, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for China Prime. "In fact, our email files are perfect for testing the waters."
January 24, 2010

Seeing China Evolve: China Business in Economic Adolescence
"In the U.S., things are organized and black and white, but in China there is only gray. In general, Chinese business is not good at marketing. Chinese marketing - and Chinese business - is in its adolescence."
May 3, 2009  [Click here to download Pennsylvania Business Weekly article]

Chinese List Management Not Up to International Standards
According to Allan Euphrat, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for China Prime, Chinese list management businesses lag far behind their western counterparts. "Both Western and Chinese analysts agree that finding reliable lists for marketing and sales [in China] is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry today."
April 9, 2009

Western Executives Can Learn From Chinese Business
Ben Tse, COO of China Prime, says that Western executives can learn lessons from Chinese business. "Long dismissed by their Western counterparts as derivative and lacking creativity, Chinese executives are amazingly advanced in many key areas that may surprise many Western business executives."
August 3, 2008

China Prime: Ten Million Chinese Business Records and Counting
Today, China Prime announced that its proprietary database of Chinese business records has surpassed the 10 million mark. According to Allan Euphrat, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for China Prime, "Our ongoing process of expanding and enhancing our database has continued to deliver results for all key business and strategic objectives."
January 14, 2008