Shanghai: 902,697 Business Records

Municipality: Shanghai
Population: 18,450,000
Business Records: 902,697
Largest City: Shanghai
GDP (US$): $157B

Senior Management Team

Our leadership team offers a blend of talent and experience in developing businesses, with a focus on technology, marketing list management enterprises, China strategy, and the intersection of Chinese industry with Western business.

Mr. Ben Tse, COO
A serial entrepreneur and former CPA, Mr. Tse is responsible for translating the China Prime vision into strategic business results. He has propelled the firm to a leadership position in the Chinese business data market. A China strategy and business expert, he has founded, led and grown several businesses. Most recently, he developed a Pan-Asian reseller network and China-based distribution center for an international software business.

Mr. Michael Hinshaw, President
Responsible for spearheading corporate growth and strategic oversight, Mr. Hinshaw is an innovative executive, manager and educator who has founded and led private and public companies, and whose China market research strategies have defined opportunity for several international firms.  Recognized as a brand, marketing research and customer experience expert, he lectures, teaches and speaks on these subjects.

Mr. Allan Euphrat, VP Sales and Business Development
An accomplished data and list management executive, Mr. Euphrat is a well-known industry expert with extensive experience in database development and management. Responsible for spearheading development of the Chinese business data management system which houses The China List, he is a core member of the China Prime leadership team.  Formerly with the world's largest business information and market data organization, Mr. Euphrat has helped lead other major integrated list and data management firms.

Mr. Jason Patent, VP Cultural Affairs
Formerly Director of Stanford University's Overseas Studies Program at Peking University in Beijing, Dr. Patent most recently led the language research team of a leading management consultancy. A fluent Mandarin speaker and recognized Chinese culture expert, he leverages his extensive background in linguistics and East Asian studies, as well as his hands-on expertise, to bridge the perceptual and performance gaps driven by cultural assumptions common to Western businesses.